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Guns - why the Second Amendment doesn't mean what you think it means

We live in a society that is completely idiotic sometimes.  I don't completely blame the idiot people who think the idiotic things they do...society has made them this way by creating a situation where they're lead to believe things that are completely false.  It's like religion; people will proclaim the complete and undeniable nature of their god...except...there are no facts; only beliefs, hopes and desires.  But at least with religion the damage is less than with guns (at least since the end of the crusades and ACTUAL religious persecution ended).

Our country was founded on the idea of laws outlined in the constitution and its ten initial amendments, ratified by congress these documents set in motion a nation that has grown beyond anything any of those men could have ever imagined.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights was written at the end of the Revolutionary War in the late 18th case you're not counting we live in the 21st century...meaning it's …

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